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On That Sherlock Holmes Steez…

I recently checked out Sherlock Holmes, but was so distracted by the fresh costumes in the flick it that I barely paid attention!

I don’t particularly pay mind to super old school fashion, as in from the 1800s , but maybe I should.

I could so see these styles being incorporated into some dope boys’ wardrobes today.

It was beyond eye-catching, I was more like mesmerized by the fashionable attire worn by Watson, Adler, and their homie Holmes.

Costume designer Jenny Beavan used Gustave Dore‘s 19th century engravings of London and the famous London costume shop CosProp for inspiration.

“I thought about where a guy like Holmes gets his clothes. He steals them from Watson, of course, but he also would go to vintage stores.”

As the Chicago Tribune describes it, “The result is the most rakish-looking movie character since Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” — a new, natty Sherlock in billowy white shirts, corduroy coats, silk print ascots and round wire-rim sunglasses”.

Styles were militant, preppy, gothic, grunge, luxurious and classic in rich colors of burgundy, blue, green, grey, brown and of course black.

So many memorable looks include a crisp black leather trench and black leather glove combo, wool suits, mandarin collars, layered contrasting prints, plaid print pants, and lots of texture overall .

His clumsy look in the film has also been compared to Charlie Chaplin.

The overall style of the movie was captivating – a gothic, suspicious London town with a grand feel.

Let’s get more into some of the looks and pieces that stood out, and would be so fly to bring back:

Femme fatale, Adler, rocked some thick, large suspenders and high waisted paints. A cute menswear look for either a male or female!

A charcoal three piece wool suit with orange stripes and brown Oxford shoes. Note how the vest is high cut. Nice.

Ah, the ascot. Coming from a woman – men need to start wearing this accessory again. It’s oozes power, sexiness and sophistication all at once.

The jacquard vest is just one of the pieces in the film that screamed two words – rich texture. And different textures layered on top of each other was a common, good look.

Although you can’t see it too well here, Adler’s earth toned wool vest with a bold ruby red back was striking.

So, do any of you guys who have previously never worn such things have the balls to try at least some of these looks?

Check out more images I collected after being inspired by Sherlock Holmes – starting with Alexander McQueen‘s unbelievable fall/winter 09 collection:

Alexander McQueen

St. James Spots Ascot by Ralph Lauren – $79.99

Calvin Klein

A very boyish, street take featuring Hunter Parrish (click on image to see who designed what)

Oh yeah, and the movie was pretty awesome too!


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